AutoCube is an artificial intelligence based BW optimization tool. It helps you improve performance of your SAP BW regardless of the flavor SAP BW you are running. It reduces report run times and data load time by optimizing and reducing the InfoCube footprint for HANA.

With a single click AutoCube automates the ‘Right-Build’ InfoCube model. The created models can be versioned for C4* comparison. The AutoCUBE Cockpit displays all C4* BI optimization checks. [1] Information content, [2] Query execution Time, [3] Data Load Time and [4] InfoCube Footprint. AutoCUBE does not need system downtime. It can be connected to your production environment to provide benefits instantly

Key Features

BW without HANA
  • Improve query performance
  • Decrease data load time
  • Automate InfoCube modeling
  • Conduct C4* checks every single time
  • Automate InfoCube creation from DSO
  • Lower BI operational costs
BW on HANA migration
  • Reduce InfoCube footprint for BW-on-HANA
  • Remodel cube for SAP HANA
  • Eliminate redundant objects
  • Replace manual costs with automation efficiencies
  • Decrease annual BoH costs, lower TCO
  • Create HANA InfoCubes from existing cubes
  • Decrease BW cube footprint for HANA
  • Eliminate higher costs due to carrying dead data
  • Eliminate redundant objects
  • Decrease database size
  • Improve data quality
  • Automate InfoCube modeling
  • Conduct C4* checks every single time
  • Remodel InfoCube for SAP HANA
  • Self service transparent components
  • User friendly modeling
BW/4 HANA Planning
  • User friendly models for self-Service architecture
  • User friendly designs
  • Easyto use dimensions and grouping of objects
  • Easy for self service users

Business Benefits

  • Reduction in query run time by 50% to 800%
  • Reduction in load time by 5% to 40%
  • Reduction in BWA footprint by 10% to 30% resulting in reduced storage requirements
  • Perform 30-person days manual optimization work in just minutes by using the tool
  • Rapidly move DSO reporting onto Infocubes by creating optimal cubes out of DSO
Turnkey solutions
  • Software as a solution
  • DSO to Infocube coversion
  • BI footprint slimming for HANA
  • Modeling and architecture audits
  • SAP HANA readiness workshop